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The appearances project is all about categorising and labelling Warcraft characters based upon where they have appeared, using {{appearances}}.

Which characters?

Every Warcraft character, including units from the RTS games and NPCs from WoW should use the template.


Ordering is by whatever order the template is given inputs - it is not ordered by the template.

Currently ordered by publish date of the appearance, except for novels - which follow the in-universe chronology. See WoWWiki:Appearances project/Order.

Article location

The section, titled ==Appearances==, should appear before "See also", and after any character quotes. See also WoWWiki:Manual of Style.

Shorthand schema

The template uses similar schema to {{cite}}, i.e. WoWWiki:Book citation index.

See Template talk:Appearances for documentation.

Category schema

What is categorized?

Games, RPGS and novels categorise into a "<name> characters" category.


New category under Category:Characters, Category:Characters by appearances.

All appearances categories move under here. Character articles should no longer need to specify their appearances.

WoW NPCs can be dealt with separately, but the category will need some reorganising.

The template in action



Gives (altered for clarity):