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This page is considered a guideline on WoWWiki.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which many editors agree with in principle. However, it is not policy.

This guideline outlines specifics that will be taken into consideration when reviewing external links, simplifying and expanding the "allowed and forbidden links" section of the official policy, intended for quick reference.

What linked sites should contain

Linked sites should lead to pages:

  • that contain up to date information pertaining to the current expansion; at the very least it should be apparent that efforts are continuously made to update information.
  • that are clean; i.e. less than 30% of content space is devoted to ads.
  • with content above and beyond that which can be found on the wiki.

What linked sites shouldn't contain

Linked sites should not lead to sites:

  • with more than 30% of content space devoted to ads.
  • that promote any sort of shady activity, such as gold-selling, which are against the rules of the game. This trumps the quality of the site itself, and should a higher quality site remove those ads, they can be re-evaluated.
  • that merely promote a service or another site; this includes "pay for content" sites.
  • that have copied or paraphrased content from this wiki.
  • that are a mere aggregation of links to other sites.
  • with referral tracking, in order to be equitable to all editors of the wiki. These are sites that generate revenue for a specific editor through tracking.

Multiple links

A site may have multiple links on a page, given the following:

  • the site linked to satisfies the guidelines and policy
  • the site is structured in such a way that more general linking is not possible
  • each link leads to a specific and different page
  • the site is given approval by majority decision of the administrators and moderators

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