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How to edit a page is a quick summary of where to find more information on editing help. Remember you need to register, confirm your email, and login in order to edit WoWWiki!

Editing a wiki

Other editing hints

  • Creating your own templates for things you don't want to repeat over several pages can help immensely.
  • When a page grows too big, splitting it off into separate articles can help distribute editing and encourage expansion of a particular topic.
  • Look at related pages! Often, there will be a similar page that stands out compared to the others. The page may be superior visually, structurally and navigationally. Study other pages, look at how they did it, and learn to do it yourself!

Making use of other people's work

  • For game related pages, there's plenty of boilerplates that will help you structure your articles
  • There's plenty of templates that you can pull into your pages; graphics, structural elements, tags for getting the attention of other editors...

Can I really edit this?

Voting cheat sheet

In the talk page:

== Oneliner intro ==
Your proposal...

In the article (optional):

* Should we...?

See: [Help:Voting], [WoWWiki:Voting policy]

First off: You really cannot go wrong if you are adding useful on-topic information to WoWWiki. It could always be done better, but more information is never wrong. Making sweeping changes to existing text, or, even more sensitive: deleting text, is another matter. In general though, WoWWiki encourages contributors to be bold!

Now, swing by WoWWiki:Editing policy — it's the authority on this matter. If you're still not sure:

  • Poll other editors for their opinions in the Talk page of the article.
  • Add {{Infoline|<your notice>}} to the article to point people at the talk page!
  • You can even do a full-blown vote! (See the cheat sheet →)
  • Create a new copy of the page with your suggested changes and point to it. Naming your page e.g. "The Page/New" works well, or you can work on a copy in your user subpages (User:Username/Article title).
  • Bring it up on the forums!


See also: WoWWiki:Image guidelines

The preferred format for images that need transparency is PNG. Keep in mind that WoWWiki can be viewed in different "skins", ranging from very dark backgrounds to white, so your images should not conform to only one skin, if possible. For completely rectangular pictures JPG is also acceptable. Also keep in mind that PNG images sometimes have trouble scaling. If you intend to scale an image, use JPG.

See the article on the GIMP for handling transparency in a way that will work with Internet Explorer 6, which does not handle PNG transparency properly.

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