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Below is a list of common misspellings on WoWWiki. When checking for misspellings, please ensure the word is not intentionally misspelled before fixing it.

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The misspellings

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  • Acherus: Archerus
  • Adamantite: ...don't get me started.
  • Aggro: Agro, Argo
  • Ahn'Qiraj: Anh'Qiraj, Anh'Quiraj, Ahn'Quiraj
  • Alliance: Allience
  • Arcatraz: Alcatraz
  • Aspect of the Pack (AKA 'Pack'): Aspect of the Pact
  • Attumen the Huntsman: Attunement, Attunemen
  • Balance: Balence
  • Bestial Wrath: Beastial Wrath
  • Blackfathom Deeps: Black Fathom Deeps, Blackfathom Depths, Black Fathom Depths
  • Blackrock Depths: Black Rock Depths, Blackrock Deeps, Black Rock Deeps
  • Burning Steppes: Burning Steps, Burning Steeps
  • Capital: Capitol
    • A capitol is a building that houses a legislative assembly, not a city.
  • Cenarion: Cenarian
  • Coilfang: Coifang
  • Consecrate: Consencrate, Concentrate, Concecrate
  • Darnassus: Darnasus
  • Draenei: Dranei, Draenie, Draenai
  • Deceiver: Deciever
    • Kil'jaeden the Deceiver hates it when you don't spell his title right.
  • Drakkisath: Drekkisath
  • Durnholde: Durnhold
  • Dwarves: Dwarfs
  • Enchanter: "chanters" wear bloomers, flail pom-poms, or wield a bullhorn, and repetitively shout rhymes and phrases for inspirational or informative purposes. (see also: Summoner) If you can't type out those two extra little letters, you're a lazy pugging noob scrub. Adding an apostrophe ie. " 'chanter " is pushing it.
  • Exalted: Exhalted, Exaulted
  • Exodar: Exador, Exedar
  • Elves: Elfs
  • Felhunter: Felhound (people usually confuse the two)
  • Feral: Ferel
  • Feralas: Fearalas, Ferals
  • Flamegor: Flamegore
  • Frost (mage specialization/talent tree): Ice, Water
  • Gnomeregan: Gnomergan, Gnomeragan, Gnomeragon
  • Gruul : Grull
    • eg. Grull's Lair, Grull the Dragonkiller
  • Gryphon: Griffon
  • Highborne: Highbourne, Highborn
    • Highborn is the proper spelling in English; the standard Warcraft spelling is highborne, though this makes little sense since 'borne' usually means 'held up or supported' whereas 'born' usually indicates origin or birth. So highborn means high-birth and highborne means high-supported. It might work with some crazy logic. (I am sorry to say this, but whoever wrote this nonsense obviously has no idea of proper English. Without any 'crazy logic' it is immediately evident, that they were called Highborne for the exact reason that makes 'little sense': they were, in fact, held in high regards, or 'borne' high because of their magical powers).
  • Hippogryph: Hypogryph, Hyppogryph, Hippogriff
  • Horde: Hord
  • Infernal: Infernel
  • Kael'thas: Keal'thas
  • Karazhan : Kharazan, Karazahn, Karazan
  • Khan: Kahn
    • Blizzard themselves have made this mistake. Kolk <The First Kahn>(sic) drops a Gem of the First Khan.
  • Mankrik: Mankirk
  • Maraudon: Maruadon, Mauradon
  • Menethil: Menithil, Minithil, Menthil, Manethil
  • Misspelling: Mispelling
    • Ironic isn't it?
  • Notable : Noteable
  • Nijel's Point : Nigel's Point
  • Ogri'la: Ogila, Ogrilla
  • Orgrimmar: Orgrimar, Ogrimar, Ogrimmar
  • Outland: Outlands
  • Paladin: Paladan, Palladan, Palidan
  • Pandaren: Pandaran
  • Qiraji: Quiraj, Quiraji
  • Razorfen Kraul: Razorfen Krall, Razorfen Crawl
  • Refuge Pointe: Refuge Point
  • Rogue: Rouge
    • Rouge means red in French or a type of makeup usually applied to the cheeks in English.
  • Scholomance: Scholomanse, Scolomance
  • Shaman: Shamen
    • The plural of shaman is shamans. See Shaman Spelling.
  • Shattrath City: Sharttrah City, Shattrah City
  • Shadow Labyrinth: Shadow "Labs" makes no sense whatsoever. Typing "Shadow Labs" automatically brands you an idiot.
  • Silithus: Sithilus, Silthus
  • Steamvault: Steamvaults
  • Stockade: Stockades
    • A Stockade is a prison, in this case, pluralizing it means that you would have more than one prison.
  • Tabard: Tabbard, Tabberd, Taberd
  • Tarren Mill: Mill Tauren Mill
    • Tarren Mill was introduced in Warcraft II, long before the tauren became part of the lore. There are also barely any tauren at Tarren Mill.
  • Taurahe: Taurish
  • Tauren: Taurens
  • Teldrassil: Teldrasil
  • Terokkar Forest: Terrokar Forest
  • Uldaman: Ulduman, Uldamen
  • Uldum: Uldam
  • Ventrilo: Ventrillo
  • Wailing Caverns: Wailing Caves
  • Warrior : Worrior

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