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This page is considered a guideline on WoWWiki.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which many editors agree with in principle. However, it is not policy.

Icon-player-48x48.png A signature is, by default, a simple link to the user page of the WoWWikian who edited the page, followed by the date and time of the page's saving.

Signing on the wiki is important as it enables the author of a comment to be recognized.

Signatures are normally only ever added on talk pages - it is discouraged to sign on the actual articles, apart from on specific occasions.

Standard signatures

To sign your name, four tildes (~~~~) will be automatically replaced when saving your edit by your default dated signature.

Three tildes only (~~~) will add your signature without the date and time, whilst five tildes (~~~~~) will add the date and time without your signature.

Unsigned comments

Unsigned comments can have a signature added easily using the {{unsigned}} template, and we ask that people add this whenever a comment is unattributed (whilst notify the commenter if needed).

The template takes one argument - the name of the comment's author.

Usage example:
{{SUBST:unsigned|Kirkburn}} creates: —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Kirkburn (talkcontr).

Signature templates

There are a couple of templates you can use to quickly create something slightly different to the default design.

To use these, go to your Preferences. In the "Signature" edit box, add {{the template code}} and tick "Raw signature".

  • {{user}} - simple (takes one argument, the username)
  • {{sig}} - customizable

Custom signatures

For help with the signature code itself, see Forum:How do I create my own signature? and Forum:Fixing signature issues?.

Instead of adding in the whole HTML code in order to add in your signature, here's a quick guide to insert signatures as a template:

  1. Create two pages, [[User:YOURNAME/Sig]] and [[User:YOURNAME/SigX]].
  2. Place your signature code in [[User:YOURNAME/Sig]].
    If you wish to add an info bar to that page, do so with the noinclude tags (see User:Kiltek/Sig for an example).
  3. Place {{User:YOURNAME/Sig}} on [[User:YOURNAME/SigX]]. This inserts the signature code as a 'template'.
    Again, add an information bar if you please and check out User:Kiltek/Sig2 for reference.
  4. Go to your Preferences, and look at the "User Profile" tab.
  5. In the "Signature" edit box, put {{SUBST:User:YOURNAME/SigX}} and tick "Custom signature".
  6. Now you can use your custom signature as usual with ~~~~.
  7. Tadaa! Kirkburn talk contr [date]

Note, if you use multiple wikis and have a custom signature of the above style on WoWWiki which you don't want to use use elsewhere (it needs setting up on each wiki), use the following in the Signature box:

{{SUBST:#ifexist:User:YOURNAME/SigX | {{subst:User:YOURNAME/SigX}} | [[User:YOURNAME|YOURNAME]] ([[User_talk:YOURNAME|talk]]) }}

  • This tests for the existence of the custom signature - if it finds none, it will put the normal sig type.
  • Do not leave any spaces in the first part of the code.
  • On WoWWiki: Kirkburn  talk  contr 18:35, 28 April 2008 (UTC)
  • Elsewhere: Kirkburn (talk) 18:35, 28 April 2008 (UTC)

Potential hazards

Following the method above, a template will be included on every page that you sign. After many signs and edits, your signature template may be included on hundreds of pages. This large amount of inclusion may potentially slow down the wiki, especially if you decide to edit the template. Please avoid editing your signature frequently if this is the case, and check the following suggested solutions:

Solution one

One solution for changing it is to create a new sig on [[User:YOURNAME/Sig2]] and put {{User:YOURNAME/Sig2}} on [[User:YOURNAME/SigX]]. A side effect is that should you decide to edit your signature, all signatures previously posted will remain in their old styles, since the old template link is embedded in each page.

Solution two

Another approach around this is, using the original example, to put {{SUBST:User:YOURNAME/Sig}} directly in the box, without a SigX intermediary. This copies the output of your template to the edits you sign, instead of including the template itself. This method results in the same appearance as the former method, and greatly reduces the chances of affecting wiki performance. A side effect is that should you decide to edit your signature, all signatures previously posted will remain in their old styles, since the code is embedded in each page. Also, longer signatures may take up several lines of code and make the source unreadable for editors - use sparingly.


For an example of this method, check out the following signature and compare it to the ones you see above. The original is at User:Hobinheim/signature.--Hobinheim (talk · contr) [date]

Things to avoid

When making a signature, please avoid making it obtrusive or unreadable (preferably on both dark and light skins); signature use that is intentionally and persistently disruptive may lead to blocking under the disruptive editing policy. It should not affect surrounding text to any great extent, and any image use should be limited. If you do use images are part of your signature have it no larger than 22pixels in height to avoid excessive line breakage. Signatures should uniquely identify you; refrain from using long phrases to help separate the signature from the message which you are signing.

If you are substing the full sig code into an article, please ensure it does not use too many lines in an edit window.

Please ensure your html/wiki code is valid and all tags are closed.

The Sig Parade!

If you wish to make your own custom template, the below are a good selection to be inspired by, but please try and make your design unique!
Too many people have copied Kirkburn's original box design Tonguesmiley.gif


Add your custom signature here with ~~~ (three tildes hides the date)!

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