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Were you looking for info about the web site Blizzard Watch, which features articles by many of the same authors? Or perhaps Blizzard's WoW Insider series of online newsletters?

WoW Insider, formerly known as, was a popular blog and news site about World of Warcraft that occasionally referenced WoWWiki. This site was originally a spin-off of Joystiq in late 2005, but was reachable as a subdomain of Joystiq as of September 2010.[2]

Unfortunately in late February 2014, many of the regular features were cut due to budget cuts coming down from the AOL parent company.[3] Among the cuts were class blogs.[4]

WoW Insider has been officially shut down on the Joystiq network as of February 3, 2015.[5] However, shortly after Wow Insider ceased operations, several of its popular bloggers moved over to a new site, This transition was spear-headed by Wow-insider's then Editor-in-Cheif, Alex Ziebart, and made possible through donations via Patreon.

Current bloggers

Icon-time.svg This section concerns content that is out-of-date. Reason: Budget cuts changed lineup,
          but most updates have been done below.
  • Olivia Grace
    Blood Sport, Addon Spotlight, General WoW news
  • Elizabeth Harper (lead)[6]
    Breakfast Topic, The Queue, General WoW news
  • Adam Holisky (senior editor)
    The WoW Insider Show, The Queue, Today in WoW
  • Kristin Marshall
    Patch news, Mistweaver monk info and news, Breakfast Topic, Battle pets
  • Anne Stickney (lead)
    Blog Azeroth, Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, Breakfast Topic, Drama Mamas, It came from the Blog, Choose My Adventure Live, General WoW news
  • Alex Ziebart (editor-in-chief)
    The Queue, WoW Archivist, MMO Roundup, Two Bosses Enter
  • Allison Robert
    The OverAchiever
    Shifting Perspectives
    Breakfast Topic
    Occasional general WoW news
  • Sarah Pine (that Sarah Pine?)
    Well Fed Buff, General Blizzard news, General WoW news
    • Was a regular feature writer.[7]

Infrequent bloggers

Past bloggers

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