A Wolpertinger is small hare-like critter that has the head, body, feet, and tail of a hare with bird wings, antlers, and fangs. One must be drunk in order to see them. They are attracted to the scents of the Brewfest. A drunk hunter can track them using beast tracking.

The free-roaming wolpertingers are called Wild Wolpertingers.

As a non-combat pet

At Brewfest 2008, for 50s you can buy [Wolpertinger's Tankard] which contains a Wolpertinger companion. (In Brewfest 2007 it was a quest reward.) You do not need to be drunk to see your own or a party member's Wolpertinger, though one still needs to be drunk to see another non-party member's Wolpertinger.


The wolpertinger is a European mythical/spoof creature, much like the jackalope is in the US and the skvader is in Sweden.

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