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Were you looking for garrison Work Orders introduced with the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Warlords of Draenor expansion? Were you looking for info on the NPC title <Work Orders>?
  • Work Orders

Work Orders is a large scroll hanging from a wooden post at Sunsong Ranch of the Valley of the Four Winds. For those who have completed N [90] Inherit the Earth (Farmer Yoon invited to join the Tillers Union) at the end of the long Tillers quest chain, this scroll gives access to farming daily quests that grant reputation to some of the Pandaria reputation factions.

Work Orders scroll.jpg


You will need to have gotten some reputation with the appropriate faction before related quests appear.

  • N [90] Work Order: Golden Lotus I
  • N [90 DailyWork Order: Golden Lotus II
  • N [90] Work Order: Shado-Pan I
  • N [90 DailyWork Order: Shado-Pan II
  • N [90] Work Order: The August Celestials I
  • N [90 DailyWork Order: The August Celestials II
  • N [90] Work Order: The Klaxxi I
  • N [90 DailyWork Order: The Klaxxi II
  • H [90] Work Order: Dominance Offensive I
  • H [90 DailyWork Order: Dominance Offensive II
  • A [90] Work Order: Operation: Shieldwall I
  • A [90 DailyWork Order: Operation: Shieldwall II

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