World Explorer is an achievement that requires the character to uncover all segments of all the regional maps of the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland,  Northrend, and Pandaria including the new zones added with the Cataclysm.

Completing the achievement awards the title The Explorer and an additional 50 Achievement point. Along the way, you will have also received the [Tabard of the Explorer] for exploring Northrend and 880 Achievement point for a total of 78 achievements.

Due to impassable terrain in the Storm Peaks and Icecrown, it is extremely difficult to get this achievement without Cold Weather Flying, unless you have a Warlock and Friends ready to summon you. It is now possible with the [X-53 Touring Rocket]


  • If a level 1 starts this achievement, by the time he has finished he will have gained 17 levels by just discovering different locations. So if you are making a Level 1 twink, you should visit Slahtz/Behsten first.
  • You will need a Warlock to summon you to Flying-Mount only places, if you can't hire a taxi.

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