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The World of Warcraft: Legion Collector's Edition is a special box similar to previous collector's edition boxes of World of Warcraft. It will be available at select retail locations (GameStop, Best Buy, and in the US; see the official site for your regional participating retailers).[1] The following will be included:

  • WORLD OF WARCRAFT® LEGION™ PC/MAC GAME[1] — Get the full version of Legion™ on DVD-ROM.
  • Legion Mousepad[1] — Prepare yourself for the fight against the Legion with this special edition mousepad featuring Illidan and Gul’dan.
  • Collector’s Edition Soundtrack[1] — Delve into the fel-infused soundtrack from Legion, featuring 18 original orchestral tracks.
  • The Art of Legion[1] - Explore 176 pages filled with the illustrated designs behind Legion’s new zones, Order Halls, and Artifact weapons. From the splendor of ancient Suramar to the corrupted forests of Val’sharah, you’ll witness the early designs that influenced the final look and feel of Legion.
  • A CD soundtrack.[2]
  • Behind-the-Scenes DVD and Blu-ray Two-Disc Set — Meet the development team behind the creation of Legion and the Broken Isles. This two-disc DVD/Blu-Ray combo set includes creator’s commentary, insider interviews, and developer roundtables.

Epic In-Game Content


  • US: $89.99 USD[4]
  • EU: €79.99[5] / £64.99[6]


  • Looks like the Heroes of the Storm Felstalker mount was pulled back between the pre-order announcement and release of the official site.


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