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This article or section contains information relating to gameplay taken from the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game.

The World of Warcraft Miniatures Game is a collectible miniatures game from Upper Deck Entertainment, the creators of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. It was released November 11, 2008.[1] A deluxe edition was released December 9, 2008.[2][3] It took two years of development to be finished.[1]

Players will use 40mm scale figures and terrain pieces to simulate battles in all types of settings and scenarios based on the Warcraft setting. Gameplay can be one-on-one, a party vs. party, or one or a party vs. an individual or group of monsters in Alliance, Horde, and Monster factions.[4]

The Raid on Onyxia raid set was planned to allow you to play solo or cooperatively against either a player-controlled Onyxia or an automated, rule-based version of the black dragon. The raid set was designed and presented on some gaming expos in 2008, but was never released to the market.[4]

Blizzard has annouced they will not renew their contract with UDE, Souls of Vengence Deluxe starter, Starter, and boosters have been canceled along with Onyxia raid set

Available figures


  • For the rules download them at the official site:
  • There is also a downloadable demo:

Basic edition

Initially, a starter set and some booster packs will be available.[4]

  • Starter Set:
    • 4 fixed miniatures (two Horde and two Alliance).
    • 6 dice.
    • Character cards
    • Customizable Action Bar cards
    • 6 UBase™ miniatures bases
    • 1 two-sided map.
    • 1 rulebook.
    • A checklist of the miniatures in the Core Set.
  • Booster Pack:
    • 3 random figures (all 3 figures will be from the same randomly selected faction: Alliance, Horde, or Monster).

Deluxe edition

  • Deluxe Edition:
    • 6 different minis (coming from two of the three factions).[5]
      • Each faction will have two common minis and either a rare or epic mini.
    • 6 dice.[5]
    • 6 UBase™ miniatures bases.[5]
    • 1 of 3 maps: Ashenvale, Tanaris, or Winterspring[5]
      • One side of each map will have a standard pre-made scenario, while the other side will be blank (for custom scenarios with the tokens and terrain pieces that are included).
    • 1 loot card from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Drums of War expansion!

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Special products

Battleground Promo
  • Daxin Firesworn[7]
  • Shienor Sorceror[8]
  • Parvink[9]
  • Tauren Bear Form[10]
  • Bregina Stoneshiv
  • Jezbella of Karabor[11]

Special Event Promo
  • 2009 WoW Minis Realm Championship Participation Promo - Death Watcher[12]
  • 2009 Minis Darkmoon Faire Championship Participation Promo - Mortimer the Maligned[12]


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