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World quests are a new type of end-game content introduced with World of Warcraft: Legion. Designed as a "best of both worlds" quest system, it functions in a way that makes daily quests much more compelling, focusing on player choice and story.

Each day a max level player logs in, they are presented with a host of world quests to choose from for each scalable zone and max level zones. World quests vary from zone to zone and the rewards also vary. Faction-specific emissaries will also appear in class Order Halls to offer quests as well.

World quests will remain on the map for varying periods of time - from hours to an entire week - depending upon the type of quest and its level of rarity.[1]

Examples of quests include:

  • Garrison-type missions for players
  • Reputation-specific objectives
  • PvP objectives
  • World raid bosses
  • Profession missions
  • Minigames


  • Normal — ...
  • Elite — ...
    • Epic Elite — ...
    • Rare Elite — ...
  • Epic — ...
  • Rare — ...


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