Wyrmscar Island

Wyrmscar Island is an island located northeast of Bloodmyst Isle. It is populated by many green whelps, and was once part of the night elven city of Loreth'Aran.

The night elves who once inhabited the city of Loreth'Aran were blessed by the green dragonflight and its queen, Ysera, and the Dragon Riders of Loreth'Aran rode these powerful dragons into battle and lived alongside them. The city was destroyed when the black dragonflight betrayed their green kin and descended upon the unwary night elves and green dragons. Led by a lieutenant of Deathwing, the fearsome Razormaw, the black dragonflight wiped out Loreth'Aran and its noble defenders in a savage maelstrom of flame and death.

The city of Loreth'Aran's destruction was made complete by the cataclysm, as the ocean swept in and the earth erupted, leaving only a few remaining ruins scattered across separate islands where once a shining city stood.

Wyrmscar Island is now home to many bones, the restless spirits of slain green whelplings, and the ghost of Prince Toreth, a night elf prince of Loreth'Aran. Prince Toreth beseeches adventurers to retrieve stolen dragon bones, help lay the green whelpling spirits to rest and slay the evil shade of Razormaw, whose hatred is so great he remained even in death.