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Xevozz is an ethereal boss of Violet Hold, an instance in Dalaran.

Attacks and abilities

  • Arcane Barrage Volley: Shoots Arcane Blasts at nearby Enemies
  • Arcane Buffet: Feasts upon the Energies of the Sphere and increases Damage done
  • Summon Ethereal Sphere: Summons an Ethereal Sphere

Early in the fight, Xevozz will summon three spheres. The spheres have about as much health as Xevozz, so do not try to burn them down. Additionally, the spheres have a damage aura. If Xevozz gets close to a sphere, he will feed off its power and enrage - increasing his damage output considerably. Finally, if Xevozz has LOS to a sphere for more than a few seconds he will teleport himself and the party to it - immediately feeding on it and subjecting the party to the damage aura.

After a time the spheres will despawn. Shortly afterward, Xevozz will summon another set. This pattern will continue until the fight ends, one way or another.


Heroic mode The key to this encounter are the Ethereal Spheres. On his own, Xevozz does not put out very much damage. If he gets near a Sphere, Xevozz's damage output will increase significantly. Additionally, if Xevozz has LOS to a sphere for any length of time he will teleport himself and the party on top of it, which will cause a great deal of sadness. In order to prevent this from happening, the tank will need to kite Xevozz across the balcony. The Spheres will attempt to follow, but for the most part they will not be able to catch Xevozz.

The most effective kiting strategy involves picking up Xevozz on the stairwell immediately to the left of his cell. The tank should be on the stairs themselves, with ranged DPS and heals up at the top. When Xevozz summons the orbs, the tank should begin kiting him up onto the balcony and then to stairwell at the far end of the instance. The tank's focus needs to be on keeping Xevozz moving, maintaining threat is secondary (since the entire party is moving Xevozz should not be taking much damage).

By the time Xevozz reaches the opposite side of the instance the spheres should have despawned. Fight Xevozz on these stairs until he once again summons orbs, and repeat the kiting process.

Healers and DPS should focus on staying ahead of the kiting path, to avoid getting near any orbs that may be following Xevozz. Xevozz will usually go down after 1 or 2 kiting passes.

If a teleport is triggered, everyone needs to focus on getting away from the three orbs as quickly as possible. The tank should declare a spot everyone should move toward. DPS should do nothing but get out of the way. Healers will need to move while keeping the tank topped off, as Xevozz's damage output is going to increase considerably.


Normal mode
Inv shield 50.png
Inv belt 25.png

Heroic mode
Inv jewelry necklace 16.png
Inv belt 17.png
Inv boots cloth 19.png
Spell holy summonchampion.png



  • Back in business! Now to execute an exit strategy.


  • It seems my freedom must be bought with blood...


  • It would seem that a renegotiation is in order.

Summon Energy:

  • Intriguing... a high quantity of arcane energy is near. Time for some prospecting...

Repeat Summon:

  • The air teems with latent energy... quite the harvest!
  • Plentiful, exploitable resources... primed for acquisition!


  • Nothing personal.
  • Business concluded.
  • Profit!


  • This is an... unrecoverable... loss.

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