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Yorg Stormheart is a level 80 elite dwarf and the king of the Frostborn. He has agreed to allow his people to join the Alliance and has also befriended the Explorers' League. He holds great respect amongst his people as well as his fellow Alliance members. He is glad to help the Alliance and his dwarven brethren in any way he can, although he seems to be a little troubled with allowing his people into others' affairs that might cost their lives.

Yorg resides in Frosthold in the Storm Peaks, but leaves as soon as a player finishes the quest line, where he is involved, and he is actually revealed to be Muradin Bronzebeard, who was long-thought to have been killed by Arthas. Velog Icebellow takes Yorg's place while he is gone. It is unlikely that he will return anytime soon due to joining the Council of Three Hammers in Ironforge.


Yorg Stormheart is involved in the following quests:

There are several moments during the quest line where Yorg appears.


The story of how the frostborn found Yorg.

Yorg's past is unknown according to Velog Icebellow. Years ago, he was actually found by a party of Frostborn that Velog's father was a part of, as they returned from a trek across the Dragonblight during an extremely harsh blizzard. They followed a trail of blood-soaked snow and found a lone dwarf wandering that spoke a dialect they could not understand. He was a strange dwarf, something they never had seen before, a mountain dwarf.[1] Not about to let their new-found cousin freeze to death, they took him along with them and continued on.

Not long after, an extremely large jormungar burst out of the snow. It came out of nowhere and swallowed one of the Frostborn before they could react. Velog's father thought they were all doomed before he heard a furious roar behind him, and turned to see the mountain dwarf growing in size, his skin getting a stone-like texture and his hands sizzling with lightning.[1]

Yorg had smashed the beast's head with a stormhammer in his powerful state, the jormungar's head barely connected to its body as it collapsed dead. The Frostborn were in wonder and awe, and Velog's father named him Yorg, a name reserved for heroes of the Frostborn, as he had no name when they encountered him and he had earned this title.[1]

Yorg eventually became King of the Frostborn years later, as he had trained the Frostborn into even greater warriors than they could have boasted during their war with the frost giants. The defeat of the huge jormungar at his hands became an example for all Frostborn as their hardest test of strength for warriors of the Frostborn is to defeat something much larger then them, such as a giant, a dragon, or a jormungar as a testament that their size is not their weakness.[1]

Muradin Bronzebeard

It is ultimately revealed that Yorg Stormheart is in fact Muradin Bronzebeard, long thought to have been killed when Arthas Menethil took up the runeblade Frostmourne. Rather, Muradin was merely wounded and had lost his memory, and so was willing to take on the persona of Yorg Stormheart.


He may be named after Yor from Yor, the Hunter from the Future. He is also a proud warrior like Yorg and doesn't know anything about his heritage.


Preceded by:
King of the Frostborn
Succeeded by:
Velog Icebellow
(as Regent Lord)

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