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Zangarmarsh is a hauntingly beautiful swamp covered with a forest of giant mushrooms. Though largely teeming with life, sections of the swamp have begun to die as of late, and the sapient fungi of the region seek help in returning it to life. This zone is located in Outland to the west of Hellfire Peninsula.

The marshes are the home of myriad varieties of predatory invertebrates and flora, including Fungal Giants, Spore Bats, and Spore Walkers.

In Warlords of Draenor, Zangarmarsh was a sea before Draenor became Outland. [1]

History says the following about the Zangarmarsh:

Zangarmarsh is a tranquil area that has largely evaded the demonic influence. The marsh's innumerable lakes and pools are clean of any taint, and most native animals and fungi give off soothing phosphorescent light. Only recently has the area's self-contained ecology faltered. Something is causing the water levels to drop. The marsh's giant mushrooms are dying, as are the creatures that rely upon the mushrooms for food.

Not very much is known about the past history of Zangarmarsh as it was not mentioned in Warcraft II. It does not even appear on the map of Draenor, although this is likely because it was a sea at the time. In Rise of the Horde, it is described as the place where Velen and his surviving followers hid after the orcish genocide and waited until their raid on the Exodar; it was also where Akama led his own followers in the trailer to Patch 2.1.

With Illidan's Naga draining the waters and the Ango'rosh tribe cutting off the mushrooms for their own needs the ecology of the marsh is being severly affected. If the Cenarion Expedition doesn't act quickly, the marsh could be destroyed.[2]

Getting there

Alliance Alliance
From the Temple of Telhamat in Hellfire Peninsula, head south to the main road through the zone. Follow the road west into Zangarmarsh.
Horde Horde
From Falcon Watch in Hellfire Peninsula, head north to the main road through the zone. Follow the road west into Zangarmarsh.


The Cenarion Refuge.

Zangarmarsh consists of a large expanse of swamp land, bordered by mountains to the north, south, and to some extent the east. A long stretch of coastline forms the western edge of the zone. Giant mushrooms are the characteristic feature of the area, towering above the pools of marsh water like great trees.

Zangarmarsh contains four instances all located in the Coilfang Reservoir, one of which is a 25-man raid. This area has no battlegrounds or micro dungeons, but has a world PvP zone for a graveyard nearest to the Coilfang Reservoir entry.

(Note: as of Feb 03 2008, at least for Alliance, the graveyard only works for the Slave Pens instance as the distance to instance portals is used instead of the distance to the Coilfang entry).

Maps and subregions

Zangarmarsh map

Zangarmarsh Map from


Zangarmarsh, Outland
BlizzCon Art Panel

Dungeon Name Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Heroic modeInstance (dungeon; Heroic 70) portal The Slave Pens 62-64 5-man 1-2 hours
Heroic modeInstance (dungeon; Heroic 70) portal The Underbog 63-65 5-man 1.5-2.5 hours
Heroic modeInstance (dungeon; Heroic 70) portal The Steamvault 70 5-man 2 hours
Instance (raid) portal Serpentshrine Cavern 70+ 25-man Unknown

World PvP

Travel Hubs

AllianceFlight paths from Orebor Harborage
AllianceFlight paths from Telredor
HordeFlight paths from Swamprat Post
HordeFlight paths from Zabra'jin

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Hellfire Peninsula AllianceHorde 58-63 East Normal
Terokkar Forest AllianceHorde 62-65 Southeast Normal
Nagrand AllianceHorde 64-67 South Normal
Blade's Edge Mountains AllianceHorde 65-68 North Normal

Notable characters

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The Dead Mire in the north east of Zangarmarsh.

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Wild creatures

Videos of Zangarmarsh


The background music in many areas of Zangarmarsh is Chopin's Nocturne in C-sharp Minor, Op. 27, No. 1.


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