Zas'Tysh wearing the Murloc Coustume

Zas'Tysh is an orc located near Lumak's Fishing

[66.6, 41.6]

within the Valley of Honor in the orcish city of Orgrimmar. He trades his items to those who have obtained codes for attending BlizzCon.

Vendor information

No longer redeemable


  • A sample Murky, the blue baby murloc small pet, is standing by him. (June 6, 2008) It appears to lack the periodic song and dance animation.
  • From Blizzcon 2007 through sometime in the first half of 2008, Zas'Tysh wore the Murloc Costume.
  • Zas'Tysh had a companion, Tharl Stonebleeder who could accept the code for the Baby Murloc, but Tharl Stonebleeder is currently no longer present. (June 6, 2008)
  • Ransin Donner is his Alliance counterpart.

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