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Zhevra Charger.jpg

Swift Zhevra

A zhevra is a striped, unicorn-like, zebra-hybrid horse beast that are found in the Barrens. They are normally not hostile, but will defend themselves with kicks if attacked. Their name is likely derived from the real-life species, the zebra.

Zhevras were formerly hunted for their Zhevra Leather, used in previous patches for making fashionable hats. Currently, Zhevra Leather serves no purpose.

Notable zhevra

Types of zhevra

As a mount

Prior to April 27, 2010, it was possible to earn a zhevra mount, the [Swift Zhevra]. This mount was only available as a reward bonus of the Recruit-A-Friend system, once the recruit had bought World of Warcraft and 60 days of playtime. This reward bonus has since been surpassed by the [X-53 Touring Rocket].