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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

There are many closed off zones on Azeroth, but what if they were to be opened? The purpose of this page is to create a fact-based speculative zone ideas, similar to the Future race ideas page.

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? White - neutral, could influence either way
Also used for speculation and comparisons, that may have some support in lore or World of Warcraft game mechanics.
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+ Argus has already been visited in WoW.

Eastern Kingdoms

Northeron/Northern Lordaeron

Northeron Closed Zone in World of Warcraft?

+ Shoreline changed in Cataclysm, what looks like being prepared for development.
+ Zone still exist and is closed after Cataclysm release.
+ This zone is propably part of Quel'Thalas Kingdom. Blizzard planned to release Quel'Thalas at WoW release, but something made them abandoned this idea. In result, we didn't have Quel'Thalas in WoW vanilla. But, if someone swimed along shoreline from Tirisfal Glades he could discover Quel'Thalas closed zone, with White, Elven Tower. If this zone was named Quel'Thalas and had High Elves style-structure that suggest this is part of Quel'Thalas. Blizzard decided to bring Blood Elves to the Horde in The Burning Crusade. They decided to split Quel'Thalas into two zones - Eversong Woods and Ghostlands, because each race has a two starting zones, for 1-10 and 10-20 levels. So, they made two zones and left third closed, for future development perhaps.
+ When you compare original WoW (Old World) map of Quel'Thalas from Warcraft III( you can see a part of this closed zone, or path to it. Look at "TO LORDAERON" in this map. It's leading you, to the Northeron/Quel'Thalas Closed Subzonee or is already a part of it.
This zone can be Greenwood Pass from Warcraft III, connecting Lordaeron with Quel'Thalas. It is also possible, that Greenwood Pass would lead to Northeron.

Kul Tiras

+ Kul Tiras has already been visited in WoW.


Zul'Aman during the Third War

+ The instance doesn't cover up the entire zone. Many subzones already established in the lore are missing.
+ Tor'Watha, a troll gate in Eversong Woods, could lead to this zone.
? Already in-game as an instance.

Emerald Dream

+ The Emerald Dream has already been visited in WoW.


Barrow Deeps

Barrow Deeps during the Third War

+ Established place in lore as the location of Druid of the Claw's lair's location and Illidan's prison.
+ Timbermaw Hold has a side tunnel currently blocked by a door that could lead down to this zone.
? Possible location for the dark trolls.



Azjol-Nerub in Wrath of the Lich King

+ The instances don't cover up the entire zone. Many subzones already established in the lore are missing.
? Already in-game as two instances.
- Not likely to happen as Northrend has already been played through with World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

South Seas

Broken Isles

+ The Broken Isles have already been visited in WoW.

Dragon Isles

Concept art

+ Has concept art already.
? Not much known about this place, they (or one of them) may be home of one of the dragonflights.
? In the book,[citation needed] at Dragon Isles is a Wyrmrest Temple - the hall of creators which is located at Dragonblight. Thus is unlikely this will be zone.
? Group of adventurers planned to build a device to raise Nazjatar to the surface of the ocean in RPG book Shadows & Light. If they managed, it may have become the island in the concept art (see above).
Similarity to the dead old god in Master's Glaive hints also to nagas, since they were allies of Old Gods, who were behind their new form


Underneath the Maelstrom

+ Established place in lore as naga capital.
+ Established place in lore as makrura capital.

Plunder Isle

+ Established place in lore as Bloodsail Buccaneers' main base.

Tel Abim

Tel Abim banana: more than a simple fruit?

? Mentioned in-game via items, like Tel'Abim Banana and Message in a Bottle.


+ Zandalar has already been visited in WoW.

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