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An interesting highlight of the Zul'Aman instance is the Zul'Aman timed event, which is similar in some regards to the 45-minute Baron run.


Enter the instance and talk to Harrison Jones to start the event and open the doors. You will now have 20 minutes to defeat the first animal-boss of your choice. Any of the loa spirit bosses will do and there is no required order, but two of them will add extra time to the timer.

  • Killing Nalorakk (bear) will add 15 minutes to your timer.
  • Killing Akil'zon (eagle) will add 10 minutes to your timer.
  • Other bosses will not grant additional time.

Therefore you have exactly 45 minutes to kill the first four bosses, which is a challenging task! Guilds that are doing Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye will likely get three bosses down within 45 minutes, whereas guilds doing Hyjal and Black Temple content are the only ones likely to get all four. Karazhan / Tier 4 equipped raids should be able to get at least the first two chests, until they gear up with Zul'Aman and heroic badge equipment. Note that you must kill the boss before the timer expires. Unlike the Baron timed quest, engaging a boss before the timer expires is not sufficient.

The loot from the event is dependent on the number of hostages you rescue. All loot is from the Zul'Aman timed event loot table (see below).

  • First hostage will give a random piece of armor (iLvl 128).
  • Second hostage will give a random weapon (iLvl 132).
  • Third hostage will give a random ring (iLvl 141).
  • Fourth hostage will give a random ring (iLvl 141).


A key facet of the timed event is handling the packs quickly. You should chain-pull every pack, and have different healers conserve mana and rotate drinking. Do not free prisoners during the timed event. All prisoners can be freed once the timed event finishes. They do not despawn, and there is no timer on them.

The recommended boss order for this strategy is Eagle -> Bear -> Dragonhawk -> Lynx. The reason is because after you've killed the Bear boss you're standing at the start of the Dragonhawk packs, and after the Dragonhawk boss you are practically staring at the entrance to the Lynx boss. While it might be possible to also do a more traditional Bear -> Eagle -> Dragonhawk -> Lynx order, you lose valuable time traversing back and forth. The raid members should also equip their [Riding Crop] for faster travel.

However, if your group is just not good enough and still has problems with the first 2 Bosses, stay with the classic order: Bear, Eagle. This will make sure you get at least one, maybe two chests, because depending on your DPS, the Bosses might not die fast enough.

The following would be a typical timed event:

  • 20:00 Head towards Eagle boss.
  • 19:00 Start the gauntlet. AoE the eagles as soon as they arrive. DOT the Amani'shi Warriors.
  • 16:30 Pull the Amani'shi Tempest as soon as possible to stop spawns.
  • 15:30 Pull Akil'zon.
  • 12:15 Akil'zon dead. You gain 10 min on the timer.
  • 22:15 Move to the bear boss.
  • 19:00 Skip two out of three Amani Bear packs. Hug the left wall. Chain pull.
  • 14:30 Pull Nalorakk. All out dps.
  • 11:30 Nalorakk dies. You gain 15 min on timer.
  • 26:30 Head to the Dragonhawk boss. Take the left path, avoid the bird packs to the right. Stun/root all Scouts.
  • 19:30 Pull Jan'alai.
  • 19:00 Kill one of the Amani'shi Hatchers and let the remaining one hatch some eggs.
  • 16:00 Aim for having the boss at 40% when the third set of Hatchers arrive.
  • 14:30 Jan'alai dies. No bonus time. Go towards Lynx boss.
  • 13:30 AoE the Amani Lynx Cubs.
  • 11:30 Amani Lynx packs: Single target dmg on one, after that AoE.
  • 08:00 Let your mage spellsteal the Amani'shi Flame Caster for some extra dps.
  • 03:30 Pull Halazzi. If everything went well, you have 3 min to kill him.
  • 00:30 Enjoy your bear mount.
  • An alternate strategy on Akil'zon involves pulling the Amani'shi Tempest first. From the start point of the gauntlet, head east toward the upper reservoir. Healers and dps should stand in the water, past the first set of lily pads. Tanks, hunters, and warlocks stand on the ground near the cliff. Then the hunter and warlock type "/target Amani'shi Tempest". Have the hunter send his pet, or have the warlock send his Voidwalker or Imp. The Tempest (and possibly two adds) will charge down the cliff. The two adds are typically one melee and one caster. If the caster is not counterspelled, he often stands halfway down the cliff, nuking DPS and healers while remaining out of melee range, keeping him from being tanked. Counterspell or something similar will draw him down the cliff to be picked up by a tank. After killing them, the gauntlet can be done without worrying about eagles from above or warriors from behind. This strategy is excellent for both low and high DPS groups.
  • This has been fixed. The Amani'shi Tempest will no longer come down the group. - Needs Confirmation.
  • This is "broken" again. It appears that the exploit was fixed some time before 2.4, and then re-broken in 2.4 as part of a series of boss nerfs. This trick can be used to completely bypass the Akil'zon bird gauntlet, and worked as of 09.14.2008.
  • Another viable strategy for low DPS groups on Akil'zon is to skip the gauntlet and do it in reverse. In this strategy, SS a resurrecting class, mount up run past all the elites and eagles. When you reach to the platform of Akil'zon, hug the left wall without aggroing him and die in the left balcony. There, the SS'd resurrecting class should use his SS and start to res up people starting from the other resurrecting classes. After everybody is resurrected and restored to full health/mana, start with pulling the Amani'shi Tempest first so you won't have any eagles.
  • This has also been fixed. When you pull the Amani'shi Tempest from the top, it now pulls all five mobs at the top of the platform. - Needs Confirmation.
  • This has been confirmed a working strategy as of 9/23/2008.

This way, even a low DPS group can almost guarantee at least 1 chest. It also gives enough time to recover from a wipe and still go for the chest if that should happen.


First Chest
Inv belt 24
Inv shoulder 82
Inv belt 11
Inv boots chain 08
Inv shoulder 81
Inv misc cape 20
Inv misc cape 20
Inv pants leather 23

Second Chest
Inv staff 08
Inv weapon hand 15
Inv axe 85
Inv weapon rifle 24
Inv weapon shortblade 66
Inv staff 63

Third Chest
Inv jewelry ring 50naxxramas
Inv jewelry ring 61
Inv jewelry ring 67
Inv jewelry ring 44
Inv jewelry ring 37