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Zuramat The Obliterator is a void lord boss of Violet Hold, an instance in Dalaran.


  • Spell shadow summonvoidwalker.png  [Summon Void]—Summons a Void Sentry that casts a Shadowbolt Volley every few seconds, and can only be seen with the -Void Shifted- debuff. 1 sec. cast.
  • Spell shadow mindtwisting.png  [Void Shift]ω ϖ (Heroic modeω ϖ) 60 yd range—Deals 750 shadow damage per second. Channeled.
  • Spell shadow gathershadows.png  [Shroud of Darkness]ω ϖ (Heroic modeω ϖ)—When damaged, reduces healing received by the attacker by 20%. 2 sec. cast. Lasts 5 seconds. Hitting him while this is up will place a debuff on you that reduces the healing you receive by 20%; in normal mode this can stack up to 5 times for a 100% reduction while in heroic it is possible to have more than 5 stacks at a time resulting in negative healing. Given the large amount of shadow damage being dealt to the party by the void spheres, this will usually result in a wipe.


Zuramat is a large void lord that is caged on the west side of the Violet Hold. Throughout the fight he will summon Void Sentries that will hit the party with a Shadowbolt Volley every few seconds - the only way to kill them is to get the Void Shifted debuff, which is obtained after getting hit by the boss with his Void Shift attack. This gives you a 15 second window to kill the void adds. Another strategy is to burn down the boss as fast as possible and ignore the adds - which will depend on your healer's effectiveness, as the damage being inflicted to the whole party can become massive towards the end of the fight.

For this boss you should place the tank in the center of the room and the rest of the group should make a half circle around the tank about 15 yards back, facing the broken wall. He will approach through the broken area of the wall and the tank should grab him and bring him to the center.

The Shroud of Darkness buff on the boss can be removed by the following:

This should help avoid anyone getting the healing debuff, and allow relatively uninterrupted dps.

He also casts Void Shift on one random player, this is a debuff that allows that player to see the Void Sentries that are holding the void spheres, this player should kill every sentry they can during the 15 seconds that the debuff lasts.

  • If the tank gets it, he/she will have to tank and kill the sentries.
  • If the healer gets it, a backup healer should take over healing, if no backup healer is available, things might become problematic.

The Void Sentries have very little HP, so light AoE is usually sufficient to kill the Sentries while Void Shifted. If you need to single target the sentries, a targeting macro can be very useful. (/tar Void Sentry)

If you find that your party is unable to deal with the Sentries in a timely fashion, the defense crystals in the room may also be used to deal with them.

Unholy Death Knights can throw up Anti-Magic Zone, if so talented, for a protection effect. AMZ will mitigate 75% of the incoming shadow damage until it absorbs 10000 + (DK's AP * 2) damage in total, making the healer's job more bearable.


Normal mode
Inv pants plate 21.png
Inv jewelry necklace 45.png

Heroic mode
Inv helmet 104.png
Inv jewelry necklace 32.png
Inv boots plate 05.png
Spell holy summonchampion.png



  • I am... renewed.


  • Eradicate.


  • Know... my... pain.


  • Gaze... into the void.


  • More... energy.
  • Relinquish.
  • Fall... to shadow.


  • Disperse.

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